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Childhood asthma affects 6.8 million children in the US. Regular testing and tracking of lung function can be a critical tool in the treatment and management of childhood asthma, making attacks easier to prevent. Curio’s primary goal is to help families track a child’s lung function more easily and accurately. When surveying the market we found the current offerings lacking kid-friendly ergonomics, intuitive controls, and clear information presentation. Curio takes a new approach by pairing a friendly spirometer design with a companion mobile app that provides better usability, customization, and data management.

The companion app guides users through the testing experience, ensuring the highest level of personal comfort and information accuracy. Customizable animated modules display test progress while entertaining the user. Test results are displayed in a clear, easy-to-read format that incorporates several informative options for data visualization and modes of comparison.

By bringing connectivity to the humble home spirometer, Curio enables effortless data management. Data can be shared with health providers, instantly. Users can more easily analyze their own data to discover how factors such as weather, pollen count, or pollution levels impact lung function.

Curious? If you would like to learn more about how we're bringing this product to life, check out our series on Medium detailing the strategy behind a kid-friendly connected spirometer and our process for designing and prototyping Curio.

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