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To be successful in today's business climate, emerging organizations need to be efficient and nimble. Increasingly, businesses are turning to technology to reduce their overhead while increasing their flexibility. Remote team members, geographically distributed clients, and ever rising travel costs are driving communication demands. The cost and feature benefits of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services are well established, but they still struggle to conveniently support live conference calls. While the VOIP services work great on a PC, or connected to existing telephony infrastructure through expensive adapters, there are limited standalone solutions for conference room environments. To meet the needs of the modern business we've designed Hallo, a convenient and flexible device designed to make VOIP conference calls a snap.

Hallo is an all-in-one VOIP conferencing hub that utilizes Skype via WiFi to enable convenient and cost effective group conference calls. The compact hub features hi-fidelity microphones and speakers, color LED touch-screen with intuitive controls, integrated battery, WiFi, and charging dock. With a built in battery and wireless connection, Hallo can be easily positioned in any conferencing environment, completely cord free.

Setting up and using Hallo couldn't be easier. Just power on the device, sign into your Skype account and start your call. With built in access to your address book you can quickly connect with other Skype users, or use the dial pad to call telephone numbers or conference lines. Full Skype integration lets users manage attendees, accept (or reject) latecomers, and easily add participants at any time.

Whether you're headed across the country, or the other side of the building, Hallo loves to travel. With its low-profile ergonomic design, Hallo fits comfortably in your bag, or in your hand. The integrated rechargeable battery means Hallo can be used anywhere with WiFi access, or paired with your Bluetooth enabled phone for even greater flexibility.

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