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Mobile devices have long been our personal couriers, delivering the content generated by our digital lives. Every day we absorb a miscellany of notifications, texts, and tweets - all visualized on a flat backlit screen.

Nico is an ambient notification device that brings people’s digital lives into their physical world in a unique way. Uniting technology and art, Nico is a modular web-enabled platform designed to connect people with relevant web events in a more meaningful way.

Nico is a beautiful and informative embodiment of your digital life.

Each pentagonal tile, internally illuminated by five individually programmable LEDs, emits an ethereal glow diffused by Nico’s opaque housing. Learning software allows the tiles to be tessellated together along any of their outer edges, in any quantity, and in any orientation. You are commissioned to craft a dynamic light sculpture, transforming any wall into a personalized gallery space.

With tiles mounted, Nico’s app now becomes your palette for coupling colors and lighting animations to represent your unique web events. Nico is designed to work seamlessly with popular web services and social networking apps to notify users of anything from weather forecasts and stock movements to upcoming meetings and social mentions.

From flowing ultramarines mirroring the perpetual cascade of Facebook status updates to conspicuous pulsing crimsons alerting you to incoming texts from your parents, Nico is a dynamic canvas illustrating the ebbs and flows of your digital life while you go about your life in the real world. Nico is the ambient notification system with endless possibilities.

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