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Silicon Labs developed the Thunderboard React kit to make prototyping and testing of IoT applications easier. The Thunderboard React board is paired via Bluetooth to a free companion app built by Mutual Mobile. The mobile app provides a frictionless interface between Thunderboard React and web-based applications that track and analyze sensor data in real time.

Demonstrating the benefits of Silicon Labs’ innovative IoT technologies to prospective clients can be tricky. To help make the tech more tangible the team decided to create a connected derby car demonstration. The Thunderboard React is loaded with a myriad of sensors that are used to measure the car’s performance (position, acceleration, distance, etc.) clearly illustrating the potential benefits.

Silicon Labs looked to Pushstart to develop a signature look for the car and help get the kit into production. Our team created a design that balances pinewood derby nostalgia with a taste of futuristic fun.

Beyond design, Pushstart supported Silicon Labs with turnkey production services. Our team developed a manufacturing strategy that could scale from a couple dozen, to a few hundred, to thousands. While producing in low volumes is always challenging from a cost standpoint we were able to find solutions that worked within the project’s budget.

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