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Simple Booth produces market leading photobooth software that’s well loved by consumers and professional party facilitators alike. As the team searched for photobooth hardware to accompany their digital product they quickly realized that there weren’t any acceptable solutions so they decided to build their own. With a great deal of research and testing they were able to build an initial run of prototypes. After using the prototypes at dozens of events they knew they had a winner on their hands. We partnered with Simple Booth to help turn their rough draft into a fully realized and manufacturable design.

Pushstart worked closely with the Simple Booth team to address aesthetic, usability, and production concerns. Durability was critical as the final production units would be highly mobile, traveling from one event to another, so we targeted materials and manufacturing processes that could handle life on the road. We looked at user feedback to identify areas for improvement in the existing design and explored new materials options to reduce weight and maximize strength.

Simple Booth’s initial prototypes were each custom made with both ready-made pieces and bespoke components—a time consuming and expensive process. While it worked for the prototypes, the final production process needed to be streamlined and scalable to grow with their company. We worked with our manufacturing partners to develop an approach that would keep would allow Simple Booth to start with lower volumes before scaling to full production volume.

Like many small entrepreneurial teams, Simple Booth needed to make the most of their budget. Because tooling can be such a large upfront cost, it was imperative we get it right the first time. We used in-house prototyping techniques, extensive testing, and manufacturer feedback to quickly develop a production ready design. Thanks to our design team’s dedication and attention to detail Simple Booth’s Halo is already in the field capturing moments from corporate events to wedding receptions.


Pushstart has been a true partner on this project. We've worked hand in hand to develop a market-ready solution that meets or exceeds our aesthetic, usability, and manufacturing needs. We're looking forward to future collaborations.


Jeremy Cox, COO at Simple Booth

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